Glass Tulip Keepsake & Card

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Deep Love: Tulip

Aside from being many Canadians favorite flower, tulips represent purity of love and unconditional giving. They are a symbol of enduring friendship, grown in Canada's capital to symbolize the connection and friendship between our country and the Netherlands. Give this keepsake-suncatcher with pure intentions to someone you love and it will never fade and always shine bright. Light up their dark days and make them smile with a glass tulip that will last forever.

Love and Embrace the differences. There's room in the garden for every flower.

Keep this miniature piece for the Artglas Canada Wildflower Collection as a keepsake and heirloom. Each piece is made by hand, fused and fired in our home kiln for a minimum of 14 hours. An miniature version of our Canadian Wildflower Art Collection and a beautiful gift, show your loved ones you care with this unique, one-of-a-kind card.


  • Suncatcher with hole and ribbon mounted on greeting card (blank inside)

  • Envelope

  • Flower Information Card signed by the artist 

Card Size: 4" (10cm) x 5.5" (14cm)

Glass size: Approximately 1" (2.5)cm wide, by 1.5" (4cm) tall.

Each piece has been hand-made and is one of a kind. Individual pieces may be slightly different from the image, but just as beautiful!

About Artglas:

All our products are handmade, one of a kind, fused and fired for up to 24 hours in our studio kilns. Our kilns get as hot as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and each of our unique pieces is composed of several layers of sheet glass. This glass is cut, stacked, melted, shattered, restacked and re-melted again. Using our own special techniques, we can create beautiful layers and designs in our final gems. This process can take up to 4 rounds in the kiln, over 100 hours of heat, and no two pieces ever turn out the same, making every piece your own truly original Artglas.

Customer Reviews

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Debbie Vezina

A nice small gift to give some whom you love or care about


Love your products.

Tulip ornament

This is a lovely piece. Makes a nice gift.

Anne Warne
Ray of Sunshine

My sisters and my daughter love tulips. I got each of them these beautiful little glass flowers to brighten their days all throughout the other three seasons.

Robyn Wood

The art piece was beautiful as was the card. Thank you.

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