1. Will my glass order survive shipping?

Absolutely! We ship hundreds of orders across the continent and very rarely have breakages due to shipping and handling. We package our work very well, and we anneal our glass at 950 degrees for a few hours, this process makes it hard and durable- like marbles. If in the off chance your order arrives with any defects or is not to your liking, we guarantee your money back or we resend the order ASAP.

2. What is fused/ kiln-fired glass?

Fused glass is a cross over between pottery and glass blowing. We work with our glass cold; cutting, grinding, smashing and stacking. We then fire our glass at temperatures reaching 1600 degrees Fahrenheit until the glass has 'fused'/melted together. By using the kiln as an instrument, we can more precisely control temperature and timing than that of traditional glass blowing. This allows us to create dynamic and new ways to manipulate glass, leading to innovation and creation in the world of glass.

3. Are your products handmade or machine made?

All our products are made by us, by hand, in our small glass studio in Markham Ontario. We fire our pieces at around 1400 degrees for about 24 hours in our studio kilns. We are a humble team of glass artists looking to provide accessibility and affordability, while maintaining a unique, one of a kind, handmade quality to our work. 

4. What types of glass do you use?

We use offcuts and scraps recycled from stained glass shops and factories. The same glass that stained glass artists and glass blowers use. This way we can be certain our glass melts together at the same rate, making it strong and durable.

5. Can I order items in bulk?

If you are a wholesaler, gallery, corporate or gift shop, please email us with your inquiry at support@dsartglas.com. You can also contact us on instagram or facebook: @dsartglas

6. How long will it take to receive my order?

Some of our items such as the sculptures and jewelry we make custom to order, this can sometimes take a week to produce. 

We have 3 tiers of shipping:

Free - 1-2 weeks

Expedited Parcel ( Free on orders above 100$) - 1 week

Express - 2-3 days

7. Can I pick up my order in-person from the studio?

Yes you can! You can choose " local pickup" as your shipping option at checkout. We are located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. 

9. Are two pieces ever the same?

Because of the nature of our material ( glass) and the way we work with it - no two pieces are ever exactly the same - making each piece truly your own. With this in mind, we ensure quality and consistency of design across the board and guarantee you are happy with your Artglas. 

11. How many band-aids do you go through in a year?

Our artists go through approximately 5-10 boxes of standard band-aids a year. 

12. Do you ever do workshops?

At the moment we are a production only studio. However we will be hosting workshops and classes in the near future. Be sure to join our e-mailing list and keep up to date with news.