Fire & Ice: Light Purple

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Inspired by our cozy Canadian winters and fired in the true north strong and free, these icy sculptures won't melt. This collection of fused glass pieces are designed to play with light. They are assembled by hand in our studio kilns, then fused for total of 46 hours at 1300 degrees. Enjoy during the daytime or night, by a window or as a centerpiece. Yours and yours alone, no two are identical making them great gifts and one of a kind pieces.

Tealight Included.

Size: Approx. Length 3.5", Width 3.5", Height 5"

Materials: Glass


Customer Reviews

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Mary Empey
Fire & Ice Light Purple

I wish the purple was deeper, it shows deeper on the website and it needs to have a totally flat surface where the candle sits because as it is now with the bump in the middle the candle doesn’t burn evenly.

Laura Cass

Bit more purple needed in my opinion

Susan Rutherford
Beautiful candle holder

So happy with this artisanal beautiful candle holder. The purple glass adds dimension to the piece! As an aside, we bought Christmas tree ornaments which are adorable! Thank you!

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