Artglas Ornament: Diamond Snowflake

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Artglas Ornament: Diamond Dendrite Snowflake

Dendrite Crystal Snowflakes only form under specific conditions of supercooled water vapor and extremely cold temperatures: When water vapor freezes onto an existing ice crystal nucleus, it begins to spread outwards, creating the breathtaking, fern-like patterns characteristic of dendrite crystals. These elusive beauties are a rare sight, making them even more precious.

Comes in a black box with a red ribbon ready for gifting and storing throughout the years.

Add a touch of wonder to your holiday decor with this dazzling fusion of nature's marvels and artisan craftsmanship. Each Artglas snowflake is as unique as the tiny ice crystals themselves - an everlasting version of mother nature’s tiny masterpieces

In keeping with the Artglas style, these beautiful glass snowflakes are made up out of our recycled  shattered glass. Remelted  together to creator this unique sparkling ornament. 

Materials: Glass

Size: 2-3 inches diameter


  • Glass ornament
  • Silver ribbon
  • Gift box

Note: Each piece is one of a kind and made to order by hand in our home kiln. Please expect 1-2 weeks production time and small variations among pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen S
Buy 2?

Glad I did!! I knew I’d like one when they arrived as they are stunning! Mine will be up in the window all winter long. Absolutely beautiful. My friend will be as happy with her snowflake as I am.

Barbara L

Delighted when I opened the box..will make a perfect gift!

Jean S
Absolutely Stunning!

This piece is priceless. It sparkles, reflects surrounding light sources and glows. I’m so happy it is in my collection.

Melodi Watson
Nice sparkle

Unique sparkles and design

Austin Wong
Such a lovely and sparkling ornament ❄️

This is another stunning ornament from Artglas. So sparkling and beautiful, just like a snowflake. ❄️ Can’t wait to hang it up with my collection of glass wreaths from the same shop.

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