"Nebula 24k": Small Pendant 4/12


Nebula 24k : Small Pendant 4/12

The Nebula 24 Collection is our first series to incorporate 24k gold with glass. Each piece is carefully assembled with 24k gold leaf, flakes or nuggets suspended between clear glass and fired multiple times to reach the desired effect. The gold n' glass is then cut by hand and melted onto a backing of black glass.

Forged in the hearts of dying stars and supernovas, scientists say it's very possible gold came to earth long ago from outer-space.

Pendant height: 3/4 Inch; Pendant width: 3/4 Inch


Glass (Oceanside System 96)

24k Solid Gold Leaf
Sterling silver (925 Italian stamped)


Please note: Price is for the pendant only. Chains can be added to your purchase by selecting the appropriate option above. 


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