Canada's Places: St. Lawrence, QC - Horizontal Pendant Necklace


Canada's Places: St. Lawrence

This one of a kind necklace is the series' signature piece. Sitting gently just above the chest, ArtGlas horizontal pendants are both timeless and unique.

Pendant Height: 1.5 Inches, Pendant Width: 2 Inches

Necklace length: 22 inches


Glass (Oceanside System 96)
Sterling silver (925 Italian stamped) 

About ArtGlas Jewelry:

All our products are handmade, one of a kind, fused and fired for up to 24 hours in our studio kilns. Our kilns get as hot as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and each of our unique pieces is composed of several layers of sheet glass. This glass is cut, stacked, melted, shattered, restacked and remelted again. Using our own special techniques, we can create beautiful layers and designs in our final gems. This process can take up to 4 rounds in the kiln, over 100 hours of heat, and no two pieces ever turn out the same, making every piece your own truly original Artglas.

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